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Wax Steam Outs

1. Disposable Turkey aluminum Roster Pan.
2. Disposable Lasagna aluminum pan
3. Sturdy Plastic or  Metal Tube set on slats (1/4 to 1/2 inch)
4. Sturdy Grate (such as an irrigation cover)
5. Galvanized sheet thin enough to cut a hole so the steam hose can be directed into the mold.
6. Wax Cast Investment Mold ready to steam out
7. Towel to wrap around the mold and help reduce air leaks
8. A stick to pock the wax melting from the mold to keep the wax flowing out of the mold.
9. Wall paper steamer.

Most supplies come from a hardware store. The aluminum pans come from a grocery store.

Pate de Verre Test Tiles Part 6

Colors to Clear Bullseye Frit. 50/50 Color to Clear
40/60 Color to Clear
30/70 Color to Clear
20/80 Color to Clear
10/90 Color to Clear
5/95 Color to Clear

Colored frits were combined and mixed thoroughly in a lidded container with enough volume of color to use the base colored glasses to a percentage of clear as shown above.  Use a N95 respirator when using dry glass, especially powders.  Once the frit is wet using a pate de verre glue.  I tend to mix dry frit and powders outside under cover as fine particles the eye can not see remain in the air for 8 hours.  I have track lighting which is how I discovered the finest of particles in the air.  Another reason to wet mop my area after doing art.