Fast Fashion

Recently there’s been two new additions to our family. Julia and a year later Nova who just turned 1 and Julia just turned 2. With the advent of covid it put me in to self imposed isolation and reflection. I worry what these newest members face in a world full of pollution. We all try and do our best to be eco friendly but the fast fashion industry is all about the sell and not the sustainability of our budgets and of planet. Fast Fashion generates 10% of air pollution with 10,000 garment being sent to the landfill every 5 minutes. @% of the garment workers earn a living wage. 80% of the garment workers are women. Washing synthetic fabric sends millions of plastic particles into the ocean.

This is not a Black and White issue of us ignoring our eco part in saving the planet. It’s undoing marketing and developing areas for sustainable fashion.

Hats off to…/fast-fashion-a-no-regrets…