Pate de Verre Test Tiles Part 6

Colors to Clear Bullseye Frit. 50/50 Color to Clear
40/60 Color to Clear
30/70 Color to Clear
20/80 Color to Clear
10/90 Color to Clear
5/95 Color to Clear

Colored frits were combined and mixed thoroughly in a lidded container with enough volume of color to use the base colored glasses to a percentage of clear as shown above.  Use a N95 respirator when using dry glass, especially powders.  Once the frit is wet using a pate de verre glue.  I tend to mix dry frit and powders outside under cover as fine particles the eye can not see remain in the air for 8 hours.  I have track lighting which is how I discovered the finest of particles in the air.  Another reason to wet mop my area after doing art.

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