A journey through the pandemic

Week 14 of isolation. I actually started distancing in mid February but due to an art installation I didn’t go into full throttle lockdown until the 2nd week in March.

After cleaning kitchen staples, navigating the on-line world of ordering food, masks and supplies I took on all those bothersome chores of around the house. It was a good time to be more mindful of using up left overs and applying some new moves in the kitchen cuisine arena. After burning my hand on the Le Creuset during a Sour Dough bake off that my enthusiasm waned. Luckily bread started showing up again in the store. It’s curious why the American food supply system failed us. Once I went local organic things began to improve.

Spring wasn’t cancelled due to Covid-19 so an intensive weed pulling exercise began in the lovely but large garden I have. It looked so wonderful up until all the spring rain brought back to life the weeds I’d so carefully dismissed.

I feel blessed I have a large yard so walking the dog and gardening still gets me exercise. It’s been helpful to not do the Covid 19 20 pound gain so many have done.

So now between cooking and cleaning I can finally get down to art. Whew, it took long enough. I’ve been doing botanical watercolors for a bit now and I started by organizing my paint, pencils and general supplies to make my next endeavor. My own garden is my inspiration so I want to document Spring in the Pacific Northwest. I will entitle the sketchbook Spring has not been cancelled.

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