The Journey Starts with the First step

Vatican MuseumMany artists I know blog while I resisted; I felt intrigue yet somewhat awkward, a vulnerability to carrying on too much about my love of art and glass. Sometimes we circumvent momentum to avoid risk.  Life asks that we not look inward but outward to explore possibilities.  You can choose fear or the other side of vulnerability, which is generosity.  This will be a visual journal via the long and winding road.  A French phrase esprit de L’escalier (wit of the staircase) can describe my hesitation.  The predicament of a clever retort thought of on the way out, not in the moment.  I’ll try to get the timing of things right.

I teach glass sculpture called pâte de verre to insure the technique does not lapse from history.  But that is a portion of my world where I draw inspiration, solace and passion. I like working out ideas in water color that I can later translate into work or the cooking caldron for future development; visual stimulation comes from my travels here and there whatever wandering path I’m on.  I really appreciate your interest, thanks for reading my blog.  Once I loosen up I’m sure blogging will be more succinct.