It arrived in the mail. I stumbled upon an antique Winsor & Newton paint box.

• Winsor & Newton is first founded in 1832 at 38 Rathbone Place London England.

• In 1835 the world’s first moist water colours were launch an important impact to outdoors painting.

• Queen Victoria in 1866 commissioned the Series 7 brush, Winsor & Newton’s first Royal Warrant 1841 – 1905 by appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales.

• In 1881 Winsor & Newton Ltd Co is formed and Henry Newton sold his portion of the business to the new corporation.

• In 1892 they were the first to print the composition of permanence colour charts.

• In 1937 – 1938 Winsor Newton opens at Harrow, London. In 1939 Rathbone Place was destroyed in the London Blitz.

From this history I feel the time frame of the water colour box was made either before 1841 or after 1905 as the inside label does not show HRM the Prince of Wales, but before the move to Harrow London in 1937 and while the company was still located at 38 Rathbone Place. It’s a wonderful way to organize the water colors and it came with a small porcelain mixing tray and a small pallet. I use water colors to create images of what I want to create in glass. This beauty will surely inspire me to look backwards as reference and forward to how that translates to the work that I do.

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