Gabriel Argy-Rousseau (b1885 – 1953)

With an interest in drawing, physics and chemistry he first attended Ècole Breguet and in 1902 Ècole de Sèvres where he met the son of Henri Crois. After graduation he worked in a research laboratory for dental porcelain. In 1913 he married Marianne Argyriades. He was a sculptor, ceramicist and glass master working in glass pastes as well an his sculpture where he worked in molten crystal. He developed several patents during WWI intended to benefit the Ministry of Defense. He had a workshop that employed 20 workers but ran into economic hardship and had a business financer Moser-Millet. Strife existed due to Moser-Millet’s insistence on producing religious items. Moser-Millet closed the factory in 1931. Rousseau bought was he could from the liquidation and created work from 1934 to 1937. During World War II raw materials and fuel were difficult to obtained and he became deeply in debt. He worked until his death in 1953.