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International Women’s Day 3/8/18

Soon International Women’s Day will be upon us.  Time to start blogging and showcasing amazing female artists who inspire me.  I first ran into her work on a trip to the UK.  Lucie Rie fled Nazi Vienna in 1938 for London.  Read this amazing article on Lucie Rei at craft and culture’s blog.  Not only a pioneer in ceramics but a courageous woman who fled Vienna as it could be toxic for a young woman in the arts.  She was direct and would not be silenced, self-confident but did not grandstand.  Her sense of objects of beauty surrounding your world  was a design conscious standard in her work.  She was born March 16 1902.

What I’m working on

Papillio palinurus
Papillio palinurus

I get to hang out occasionally with a water color artist and illustrator who is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists  https://www.pnba and Kathleen’s work is posted this month in  I recently joined this organization to have my drawings inform my sculpture.  My next project is a butterfly and red flower.  More posts once I have drawn my specimen onto paper.  I love how the photographer Andrew Lageras captured the butterfly with direct and indirect lighting shows both the blue and green coloration of this species under light and shadow.  I will have a specimen of this butterfly to study for the drawing so there might be variations to the final piece.

Terry Ow-Wing Visit

Terry Ow-Wing & meGot a message that Terry was coming up my way to Seattle meeting up with friends from SF to Seattle.  Terry is a delightful artist from California her website is portraits that remind me of the colors of Hundertwasser, the flavor of Seated Woman by William de Kooning and the fun found in Paul Klee’s work with a splash of Picasso’s portraits thrown into the mix.  Check it out she’s a fun and talented lady.  I adore her portraits in fused glass with lamp worked elements were she takes a line out for a walk.  We hadn’t seen one another for years.   We were at Red Deer together playing in glass of course; but it was as if it was just last week that we’d last seen each other.  Got a demo of how to use my new torch and explore the limits of it’s capacity.  More toys needed of course but had a delightful time sharing ideas, catching up and having lunch.  Looking forward to another visit and hope you enjoy time in our area on your family holiday.  Thank your husband and children for letting me steal a bit of your time!


On the way to 1st Thursday

2015-08-06 17.21.42You can tell an artist is dedicated to supporting their friends and the arts by how long they’ll wait (2 hours) to get into Seattle.  Myself and 1000 of my friends on the 520 for 1st Thursday.  Doug, it looks like they’re all beating me to your opening.  For those that exited off due to the madness check out  I also had time to check out Ethan Stern and Einar and Jamex De La Torre at  Ethan’s new body of work was stunning and the De La Torre work was political, optically fascinating and they were a delight to meet.

Seattle and the Art of the Eastside

Bellevue Arts Museum

 August there are several great show.

Jana Brevick: This Infinity Fits in My Hand, ends August 16, 201

Nathan Vincent: Let’s Play War!

In The Realm of Nature: Bob Stocksdale & Kay Sekimachi

 September is Counter-Couture, can’t wait should be fun!

Camp Fires 

 Microsoft Art Collection

If you’re an employee check out my work in Issaquah or attend an event by signing up the next Talk isn’t listed on the website but also check out their facebook page.

Schack Art Center

Art of the Garden

Aug 13 – Sculptures by Verena Schippert

  • James Arrabito’s Photographs

Aug 15 – Fresh Paint the lovely work of Aikio Vail and Paul her husband is work to check out!!

Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park – Camano Island

  • Summer Moments is ending soon, art and sculpture abound here and is a       must see. Open weekends so plan your trip or get your stone carving on at a workshop.

Seattle and the Art of August

Seattle Art Museum –

 – Out of the Box closing soon, Joseph Cornell’s work

– Billabong Dreams til June 19, 2016.

– Disguise Masks & Global African Art

 Traver Gallery –

 Ethan Stern’s lovely new work in Cross Cut

Einar and Jamex de la Toree new work in Hyperkulturemia

Vetri-An Artful Life work of Doug Randall

Love his work and he’s a delight to know. Check out some Doug’s work at

Tacoma Art Scene for August

Lots to do in Tacoma.  I went down for a trip to TAM and MOG and like a lame brain I didn’t think either would be closed on Monday.  Boy was I wrong.  I wanted to catch the Aloha Club Collection   but will need to go back to see this one.

But had a lovely lunch then off to see the Museum of Glass and got to see a fellow Pratt Instructor in the hot shop.  Check out Sasha Tepper-Stewart making giant bugs and other wonderful things.  While your visiting Sasha don’t miss the Treasures of Glass Collectors which had some wonderful thought provoking work.  Also on view is Chihuly’s Venetians:  The George R. Stroemple Collection and Tools of the Trade



I Dance to Share

Our friends Emilia and Mario travel the world but had not been to a Pow Wow in Seattle so we took them to a fun day outing at Discovery Park to admire the regalia of traditional Native Americans. I see this kind gentleman every year, he is gracious, kind and instructive in the ways of his ancestors and the traditions that surround his way of life. He should be a diplomat this handsome man has skills in attitude and a kind demeanor.